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FIRST COAT Interior Primer


Water based acrylic interior primer of finest quality is a durable, water repellent, fungus/ algae/ bacteria resistant, and hence can be used as an undercoat for a wide variety of interior surfaces.


Outstanding adhesion due to very high surface area of fine acrylic materials –by virtue of which it gets embedded in the surface (not a film like), high resistance to weathering (UV,Fungus, water etc.) and blistering, low VOC, high coverage area with desirable ease of application characterize this product.


  • FINISH/USAGE : Interior
  • TYPE : Water base Interior Primer
  • PRACTICAL COVERAGE : 120-160 square feet per liter per coat depends on the porosity of thesubstrate.
  • LIMITATIONS : Not recommended for floors or decks.
  • SURFACES : Interior plaster, drywall, concrete and masonry surfaces.
  • NEW WORK:Surface must be clean, dry, and free of wax, grease, oil, loose or peeling paint, and other foreign materials. Cracks and other holes should be repaired with suitable crack fillers for best results. On new drywall, use of one coat of primer on wall putty & 2 coats finish is recommended.
  • STORAGE:Paint should be store in a cool & dry place.
  • PACKING : 20 Lit, 10 Lit, 4 Lit, 1 Lit


  • REFINISH WORK : Conditions listed above should be strictly followed. Previously painted,glossy surfaces should be lightly sanded. All primers should be allowed to dry thoroughly before application of finish coats. Chalky surfaces should be thoroughly washed.
  • SURFACE TEMPERATURE : For best results, ambient temperature is preferred. Frost, fog, ordamp conditions should be avoided.
  • APPLICATION : Paints should be stirred well before use. Use of roller or brush for applicationof paint is recommended. Application of only one coat primer & two coats finish is advisable.
  • THINNING:Thinning is required for brush/rollerapplication. Use only clean water and approximately 400-500 ml of water per lit.
  • DRYING TIME:Surface dries naturally dust free in 4 hours. Recoat should be applied onlyafter 4 hours. Drying time may vary depending on temperature and humidity.
  • CLEAN UP: Application equipment should be cleaned with soap and water.

Technical Data Sheet

Type Interior Primer
Thinning Ratio 1:0.5 to 1:1
Viscosity 82 KV at 250C
Sp. Gravity 1.35– 1.4 at 25oC
Method of application Brush/Roller
Application temperature Room temperature
Application Viscosity 20”
Coverage Area 120-160sqft/liter/1 coat
Drying Time Surface Dry 4 hrs
Minimum recoat time 4 hrs
Brushability Ok
Flow Leveling Ok
Opacity Ok
UV Stability 300 hrs+
Gloss Smooth Matt
Alkali Resistance a)NH4OH vapour b)10% NaOH solution Passed IS+ Passed IS+
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Octagreen Nano Products India Pvt.Ltd 48/2138,A,A1,A2,Shakthi Enclave, Perandoor Road,Elamakkara P.O, Kochi 682026.